Pest Control

We always keep in mind that it's your home, not just an address. That's why we always enter your home with respect and regard for what it means to you... home.

Pest Control Pricing Made Easy

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One-Time Service

Feel pressured by the Pest guy who is charging you a one time fee, and then urging you to sign his agreement for a full year of services you may not need?  Do you usually handle the BUGS yourself, but this time you need some help!  Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks, Termites, Rodents, Mosquitos, One time service is for you.  NO PRESSURE!

Ongoing Service Options

Need ongoing service, but love the discount a one time fee brings?  We have a couple of options just for you!       NEW CUSTOMERS   

Bi-Monthly Perimeter services:  Treating the exterior of the home 6 times per year, is a great pest prevention program!  Have a problem inside?  No Problem!  We will come out and fix it at NO Additional charge!  Starting at $365.99  per year

Quarterly Inside/Outside Pest service:  Sometimes a quarterly service is needed.  We come out 4 scheduled times per year to treat your home.  And as always, if a bug creeps in between scheduled treatments...NO CHARGE to retreat!  Starting at $365.99 per year

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