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Those Unwanted Pests Aren't Paying Rent

Evict them with the help of a Fort Worth & Keller, TX exterminator

You're in your kitchen preparing a meal when you see a movement in your peripheral vision. Dread sets in, and you hope your eyes are playing tricks on you. But soon, the evidence appears: bug carcasses or tiny piles of sawdust on the floor. It's time to call StarBugs Pest & Lawn for pest control services. Our trained exterminator team is one of the most accomplished in theĀ Fort Worth, TX area.

We'll provide treatment inside and out of your home. We also offer other lawn upkeep services. Don't wait until your home is taken over. Call 817-222-2847 now to get immediate help and expert advice.

Why we're a top pest control team

If you need pest control services at your Fort Worth, TX home or business, call on a company you can trust. You'll be glad you chose StarBugs Pest & Lawn because:


We can draw on over a decade of pest control experience


We'll send out a team to tackle your pest treatment


We offer free consultations and estimates

StarBugs Pest & Lawn is a family-owned and -operated company that's dedicated to quality service. We'll rid your home or business of bugs quickly and safely.

Don't let creepy crawlies scare off customers

A potential customer approaches your restaurant when they notice a low health inspection rating on your door. Images of cockroaches crawling through the kitchen fill their head. Don't lose customers due to pest problems. Contact an exterminator who can help.

Appearances are everything when you own a business. Don't give clients or inspectors a reason to leave bad reviews. Get your business back on track with the help of our well-trained crew.

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